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New Batman and Wonder Woman Yahoo Group [26 Nov 2004|12:28pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A yahoo group has been created in conjunction with "A Taste of Paradise" Batman and Wonder Woman Fan Fiction Website. The function of this group is to discuss anything and everything Batman and Wonder Woman related. Go to the website, read a fic, view the images, check out the interviews, then come back here to discuss them. If you are a fan fic writer, you can post Batman/Wonder Woman fan fiction here too.

Join today!

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New BM/WW Archive! [19 Sep 2004|01:57pm]

Hi guys!

paulasj and I have designed an all-purpose, one-stop-shopping archive of fic devoted entirely to BM/WW 'ship. There are already well over 100 links to stories rated G to NC-17, with lots more on the way. We're also planning to include author interviews and meta articles dealing with the couple as represented in the comics and the 'toonverse. Come check us out at A Taste of Paradise: Batman and Wonder Woman Fanfiction

We've already gotten a lot of hits, so there may be some bandwidth problems. Just be patient - we're working on the problem. Hope you enjoy the site, and please let us know what you think.


(cross-posted to batfic, gotham_gazette, jl_fic)
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And the fannishness of me continues to grow. [20 Jun 2004|04:41pm]

[ mood | creative ]

(crossposted to my journal)

Dude. So, I just made like, my very first vid!!

Fandom = Batman: The Animated Series
Pairing = Bruce Wayne (Batman) / Harvey Dent (Two-Face)
Song = "Another Gone" by Duncan Sheik

I can't believe I finally got my moviemaking software to behave. Well--yay!

I don't have anywhere to host it. But if you have a high-speed connection, can view .wmv files, and wanna see the vid, shoot an e-mail to Sydni6.4[at]gmail[dot]com , or just look for me on AOL instant messenger (xSydni64x) . The file is about 6.5 megs.

(Edit: OK--I totally have more room on my site than I thought I did. So the vid is here: http://sydni64.populli.net/batman/index.html ).

I dunno--I kinda like it. *g*

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Query [10 May 2004|05:46pm]

I tried to find information on this to no avail. Of those who have worked with Robin, who would recognise Tim out of costume?
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new batman animated series [09 Feb 2004|03:57pm]

scifi.com has a short article on a new animated Batman series in the fall. The article is here.

This is the first I've heard about it. Anyone know anything more?
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any recs for Batman one-shots or mini-series? [18 Jan 2004|11:45pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm wondering which Batman (or Batman related) one-shots and mini-series from the last years are worth getting. In particular I'm wondering whether any of these are any good:

Batman: GCPD #1-4 (1996)
Batman: Gordon of Gotham #1-4 (1998)
Batman: Gordon's Law #1-4 (1996)
Batman: Night Cries (1993)
Batman: Orpheus Rising #1-5 (2001)
Batman: Penguin Triumphant (1992)
Batman: Turning Points #1-5 (2001)
Batman: Two-Face Crime and Punishment (1994)
Batman/Nightwing: Bloodborne (2002)

but other recs would be cool too, I haven't even found a complete list of available mini-series yet, let alone one with good descriptions, so if anyone knows of such a site it'd be also appreciated.

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gotham grrls [05 Jan 2004|09:09am]

So, I have this insistent notion about writing some Catwoman/Batgirl femslash (that's Cassandra-Batgirl, not Babs-Batgirl). The problem is, Catwoman is the only Gotham comic I'm not reading, so I have only the vaguest notion of what's going on with her. (I had a moment of 'hunh?' at her role in "Hush" and everything.)

Now I know that at least some (one?) of this community's members reads Selina's title. If somebody would be so good as to come up with a summary of Selina's activities, how/when she turned good-guy, where she was before she (so the DC in Demand page tells me) recently returned to Gotham, and so forth, it would be greatly appreciated. And hopefully rewarded with porn.

Really, Gotham has many pretty boys whom it's great fun to slash, but the girls deserve their turn, too.
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shameless community pimp [19 Dec 2003|02:49am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

I've started a community for daily scans of comic book pages, mainly because I figured I should stop complaining about never being able to find the exact images I want and start doing something about it. *g* The community is scans_daily; I just made the first post, with two pages from Kingdom Come. There will be a major focus on JL, Batman, and other DC titles because they entirely dominate my collection. It'd be really really cool if other people posted their own scans too, though - feel free to pimp to any and all comic-focused communities!

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Gratuitous Indexing Post... [09 Dec 2003|03:05am]

I did the last one of these in October, and posted a whole bunch of Batman-related comic comments since then...

Batman: Gotham Knights #46, Gotham Central #12, Nightwing #86, and Superman/Batman #3

The Judas Contract TPB

Batgirl #45, Batman #620, Batman/Joker: Switch, Birds of Prey #60, Detective Comics #788, Outsiders #5, and Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files & Origins

Batgirl #46, Batman #621, Batman: Death and the Maidens #4, Batman: Gotham Knights #47, Birds of Prey #61, Detective Comics #789, Gotham Central #13, and Nightwing #87

I also created some Nightwing/Daredevil fan art. (btw, though it's slashy it's also non-explicit, and both are clothed)
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Looking for fan fiction [30 Nov 2003|09:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I hope it's okay to ask this here?

I'm on a hunt for any Batman/Catwoman or Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle fan fiction regardless of quality (beyond spelled as it should be) at this point because I have an odd craving to read the pairing.

Links would be very, very appreciated if any exists.

I'm also looking for any good slash fiction in the fandom in general.

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Gratuitous Indexing Post... [16 Oct 2003|07:45pm]

It's been about a month since my last "reference post," since then I talked about the following Batcomics:

Batman: Death and the Maidens #2, Gotham Central #11, and Nightwing #85

Batgirl #44, Birds of Prey #59, Gotham Knights #45, Outsiders #4, and Superman/Batman #2

Batman #619

Batman: Death and the Maidens #3, Batman: Tenses #2, and Detective Comics #787
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I love timelines [25 Sep 2003|01:50am]

Why has nobody pointed me to this cool DCU chronology site earlier? I haven't had time to look at it in detail, but at first glance it seems way cool, and really extensive. And any effort to reconcile all DCU continuity into a consistent timeline are to be praised anyway. So, if you haven't already, check out the "Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe":

(I stumbled upon it as I tried to find out if there are versions of Two-Face's origin story besides Batman Annual #14 and Long Halloween/Dark Victory, so if you know of any, I'd love to hear about those.)

ETA: I forgot to mention why I'm so giddy to have found this one: It cites the issues and sources for everything in the chronology.
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[10 Sep 2003|04:00pm]

I don't crosspost every Batman related entry or review here (since that feels a bit like spamming) however, I haven't posted in the gotham_gazette for two months, and the community has been rather quiet too, so I thought that maybe a kind of "reference post" was the way to go, like a list about which Batverse comics I talked in the last two months.

I posted recs and/or reviews of varying length for the following comics:
Batgirl: #42, #43
Batman: #617
Batman: Death and the Maidens #1
Batman: Tenses #1
Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman and Oracle/Catwoman
Detective Comics: #785, #786
Gotham Knights: #43, #44
Nightwing: #83, #84
Nightwing Secret Files & Origins
Outsiders: #2, #3

I also posted lots of Batverse icons in my LJ, which I have collected on a webpage for your convenience. Most of the icons are still available to anyone who's interested so should you be in need of a Batverse icon you might find one there.
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slashfanfiction.com archive [17 Aug 2003|02:53pm]

I thought I'd mention that the slashfanfiction.com archive is active again. For some insane reason I'm administering the Batman and Nightwing categories.

There aren't any Batverse stories there yet. They're getting the bugs out so it would be useful to get a few stories uploaded to help get the categories set up. Writers have complete control over their stories. Authors upload their stories (complete or incomplete) and can edit or delete at any time.

So take a look and think about uploading your stories.


Also, I sent a pimping message to batslash, but if anyone can think of other slash friendly places to send an announcement to let me know.
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some more Batverse resources [03 Aug 2003|02:43pm]

While browsing the Comic Book Resources forums last night, I came across this thread:

The Canon of the Bat

The column linked to there, on Silver Bullet Comics, attempts to answer the question of what's in canon these days and what's not.

Beginning on pages two and three of the thread, there are a number of links to other resource sites, many of which are taken from the CBR Links Database: specifically the Batman section.
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question [07 Jul 2003|01:31pm]

Has anyone here read Legends of the DC Universe #6? Is it any good? AFAIK, it tells the (or maybe "a version of the" there are probably other versions, as always) first meeting between Dick Grayson (as Robin) and Superman. (Not that it has anything to do with cereta that I'm looking for issues with Dick and Clark together. *cough*)

Also, I've been thinking of the "first meeting between characters" genre, and how I really like it, even though these stories, just like the retellings of origin stories, have a lot of potential to screw with continuity. I mean without even trying or reading older comics I think I've already encountered at least three contradictory versions of how Barbara and Dick first met. Still I was wondering whether any of you have favorites of this genre you'd recommend.
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Justice League and Teen Titans [02 Jul 2003|06:16pm]

Public service announcement for animated fans

Justice League starts new episodes (2 new eps) this Saturday July 5 at 10pm EDT

Teen Titans premieres Sat July 19 at 9pm
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Convert! Convert! Convert! [02 Jul 2003|02:54pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So I spent the weekend with the lovely cereta, where we converted former Titans fan itsthewa to the glory that is the current Bat-verse.

And then we thought, why's it so hard to convert people? Everything here is worthy of fannish love, from pretty boys in tights to repression issues to secret identities to, well, Oracle.

The problem, I suggested, is the availability of source. It's expensive to have to pay for every "episode" in a comic, and even some of the most rabid fans (i.e., me) are a year or more behind waiting for trade paperbacks.

And while ratcreature's guide blog http://www.ratcreature.net/batresource/) is a fantabulous resource for those who are already converted, what I'm thinking about pulling together is a fannish primer, a CD-rom of scanned pages from important issues, maybe with a series of character sketches and key moments...

This constitutes flagrant copyright infringement, of course, so definitely not for sale or anything like that, just passed from hand to hand like the old circuit library in Professionals fandom. A, um, promotional material. :)

What would you hope such a thing would include? What might it look like? Is this a good idea?

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Because ane requested it [27 Jun 2003|10:37am]

It occurs to me that one function this community might be serving is the passing along of links to useful websites. Because let's face it: much as we'd all like to read every bit of source material out there, it's pretty hard to keep everything straight ;). I'd be more than happy to put any posts that share links into Memories for easy access.

On that note, I'm currently obsessed with the Titans these days, as I've been loaned a bunch of back issues, and in searching for some info, I stumbled across Titans Tower, which is a very cool site. It has bios and other information, not to mention some George Perez art.

So, others?
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discussing recent comic issues... [26 Jun 2003|12:45am]

This post is vaguely meta-ish (I hope that's okay, maybe I've been too long on lists with anti-meta rules...).

I was wondering whether anybody here reads any of the current Batverse series, because I'd like very much to talk about the current issues, much like in tv series communities there's talk about the recent episode. Of course talking about older issues is fun too, but my guess is that more people might read the new issues at roughly the same time.

I have a hard time to write about issues in an in-depth "book review" style but I did comment on some recent Batverse comics in my blog, like the latest Nightwing #82, Batman #615, Outsiders #1, and Birds of Prey #56, and I have read Gotham Knights #41, the new Arkham Asylum mini-series, the newest Gotham Central, Batgirl, and Detective Comics issues as well as the recent "Graduation Day" Young Justice/Titans three parter, so I would join a discussion about those too, if that were the favorite series of someone. The latest Catwoman and Robin issues are still on my "to read" pile, but basically if it's current and Batverse related I'm more likely to have read it than not, and be interested to talk about it.

So has anybody else read any of those?
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